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Company F.R.B. PROFILE works very actively in the HVAC trade since 1994.

In 2004 after establishing cooperation with Beijing Huajin Engineering has started the sale of machines for metal machining. Through this partnership The Profile Company is increasing regularly sales of volume of machines and hosts a lot of satisfied customers within Poland and Europe.

Reliability, gained confidence and long-term cooperation has resulted in agreements with the manufacturer Beijing Mingfeng Machinery Factory by which F.R.B Profile is the exclusive representative in Poland.

On our website we present you a wide offer of machinery for metalwork and additional accessories - stones and moulds for machines. We hope that our professional and complete offer will help you in production of non-recurring items with a rich ornamentation, decoration and unusual shapes.

The main goal of our Company has always been to keep our Customers satisfied. Hence, our mission is to deliver machines that are long-standing, easy to operate, environment-friendly, and, first and foremost of all, safe and failure-free.

Our strength lies also in professional and experienced service team always willing to lend a helpful hand and support customer with necessary tips and providing with efficient solution in case of any problem.
We take all possible efforts so that our products meet customers’ expectations, prove their efficiency and reliability, and are easiest possible in maintenance and service to customer.

To conclude – we would like to wish you deriving of real satisfaction from using Our machines. We hope you will soon join the group of our faithful and satisfied customers.